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Petition: Preserve Bristol's Cinematic Heritage

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Lead petitioner Alan Mandel Butler
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 29 Mar 12
Closing date Wed, 27 Jun 12
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We, the undersigned, urge Bristol City Council to preserve Bristol's rich cinematic heritage by preserving The Whiteladies Picture House. We wish to see it restored to its former glory as a vital part of the community and celebrated as a site of creative and cultural exchange.

Background information

The traditions of Picture Houses as forms of entertainment began in Bristol over 100 years ago. Over those 100 years Bristol has been home to well over 50 cinemas of which only a handful are left standing. The Whiteladies Picture House was built by architects LaTrobe and Weston and opened in 1921. It originally housed around 1,300 people in the main auditorium and was built in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau style of the era with marble pillars and floors, an original sprung ballroom and incredibly ornate plasterwork. It ran successfully for 80 years before it was closed and has laid disused and derelict ever since.

The city of Bristol is renowned for its culture of arts, music and film, as well as its huge array of community born projects that help to nurture our national and international identity. The Whiteladies Picture House can be a perfect amalgamation of what makes Bristol so unique, and help to revitalise Whiteladies Road and the surrounding area. A new mixed use artistic and cultural development to benefit every aspect of the community. We urge you to preserve Bristol's rich cinematic history, preserve this iconic building and make a difference for both current and future residents of the city.

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