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Petition: Say 'Yes' to Somerset Road Bike Hangars

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Lead petitioner Sean McGough
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sat, 3 Feb 18
Closing date Mon, 19 Feb 18
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  • Catherine Saddler
  • Hannah Taylor
  • N Hearn
  • James Saddler
  • Ede Dugdale-Close
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Katherine Scaife
  • Jessica Fowler
Signature information

We ask that Bristol City Council follow through with the proposed installation of two cycle hangars on Somerset Road, using the already allocated funding from the Cycle Ambition Fund. The hangars would be a community facility offering space for twelve bikes. Membership would be reviewed and allocated on an annual basis and the hangars would be maintained by a small annual fee paid by members.

It is proposed to install the hangars between 70 and 72 Somerset Road and adjacent to number 1 Harrowdene Road, opposite the entrance to Copse Road.

Pollution levels in Bristol consistently exceed legal limits. We have to do something and encouraging bike use is a small move in the right direction.
Encouraging bicycle usage through greater access to infrastructure is highly likely to increase journeys made by bike – reducing congestion and pollution.
Many houses - especially those on the ‘even’ side of the road (with steps) do not have easy solutions for storing bikes.
We ask that the councillors ensure that the hangars are installed in order to improve quality of life for all residents.

Background information

It is necessary to demonstrate our support for the bike hangars as the available funds to install them is in danger of being lost due to a petition against the previously proposed site. A full road consultation has already shown that there is more support for the hangars than against, but it is vital that we show our support now or lose the opportunity to make our roads greener.

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