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Petition: Repair Bristol's Roads

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Lead petitioner Paul Rutherford
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 19 Jan 18
Closing date Sat, 31 Mar 18
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  • Paul Rutherford
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Bristol's roads for the purpose of driving are appalling. Not only pot holes, but uneven road surfaces full of dips, poorly repaired strips and surfaces breaking up generally. This affects all traffic including cars, buses, commercial traffic and cyclists.

Many roads in Bristol need complete repair, not refill and so the remedy is to have them totally relaid so that they are fit for purpose

Background information

This petition is needed to put right what is ill-prepared. Wheels are being damaged, tyres ruined, wheel alignment and camber repairs become necessary, ruined Shock Absorbers, all costing the vehicle owner much money which the Council never reimburses when it is their responsibility to keep the roads in good order.

It is also dangerous for both traffic and cyclists for the roads to be in such a bad condition leading to possible accidents.

Furthermore, it is a terrible advert for those that come to visit Bristol and experience all of the above.

It is inconceivable that Bristol spends millions on the Metrobus service, but doesn't put right its primary infrastructure, namely its roads, where most road users are active.

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