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Petition: Please manage commuter parking and driving in areas outside RPZ in Bristol

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Lead petitioner Kay Galpin
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 15 Dec 17
Closing date Thu, 13 Dec 18
Last signatories
  • Antonia Sivestri
  • Susan Richardson
  • Gavin Spittlehouse
  • Russell Walker
  • Josephine toole
  • Robert Triggs
  • Tasha Park
  • Stephen Troughton
  • Gareth Williams
Signature information

Please can the council support residents and councillors to resolve issues caused by inconsistent implementation of managed parking schemes by taking the following 4 actions -
Can they review and provide a clear process to launch a consultation with residents and technical support to establish solutions?
Can the council ensure that there is a process for residents' views to be included in the Congestion Task Force and that plans are made publicly available?
Can these plans reflect how funding is prioritised for more local or city wide schemes?
Can the council provide evidence that it is working with businesses in the centre to prioritise green travel into the city alongside its clean air and road safety agendas?

Background information

By introducing RPZs in an inconsistent manner around the centre of Bristol, I believe commuter parking in non managed zones is having a detrimental effect on resident safety, wellbeing and quality of life. In my opinion, there are violent face offs,emergency access is limited, children cannot cross the road safely or play outside, pavements are blocked, air quality is worsened by cars loitering and speeding and car damage is increasing. Local shopping by car is difficult as all roads are blocked by commuter parking all day and is getting worse. I believe this will have a long term negative impact on the vibrant, independent economy we all love. Statements from residents presented to Full Council are attached.

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