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Petition: Reduce Bishopsworth's congestion, increase pedestrian safety

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Lead petitioner Michelle Graffagnino
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Wed, 27 Sep 17
Closing date Fri, 20 Jul 18
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  • Alex Lingham
  • Gemma lloyd
  • Naomi Shearwood-Porter
  • Louise hall
  • Teresa doherty
  • Carolyn Van Staden
  • Hollie Thompson Mays
  • Jennifer Andrew
  • Jacqueline Wright
  • Alan Wright
Signature information

To reduce Church Road speed limit to a 20MPH zone, as this is a main pedestrian route to local amenities and a school route used by hundreds of children every day.
Increase width of pavement on Church Road to enable both wheelchair and pushchair user access.
To reduce congestion on Fernsteed Road around school drop-off/pick up times with increased use of signage.

Background information

Following the opening of the Bristol-South Link Road in January 2017 its original aims to reduce Bishopsworth's traffic congestion have so far been disappointing. The main roads through Bishopsworth have a higher level of traffic load than expected. This is a worry for local residents who use the pedestrian routes, in particular a high concern for parents/careers with Children at the local Primary School. We envisage the speed limit be reduced to 20 MPH on Church Road. Currently the speed limit of 20 MPH by the Lloyds Bank is increased to 30MPH just 500ft from the two main entrances to the Primary School and just before a very busy junction in Bishopsworth. The pavements along Church Road are currently too narrow for pushchair/wheelchair access and this needs to be addressed as parents have no option as the main crossing is past this point. The Road is also too busy to cross safely with children.
There are no warning signs that Church Road and Fernsteed Road are used for School Children and there are no signs to reduce speed around these School entrances.
The junction at Church Road and Grange Road had frequent collisions as cars are speeding up to 30 MPH as they approach the junction, often at a lot higher speeds along this stretch of road where school children need to cross.

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