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Petition: Re-open Princes Bridge to vehicles in both directions

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Lead petitioner Will Thorpe
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 20 Jul 17
Closing date Sat, 20 Jan 18
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  • Stephen Norman
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Re-open Princes Bridge to cars travelling both ways, North and South to ease congestion caused by changes to ther routes.

Background information

Since the closure of Princes Bridge in September 2015, there has been significant increase of vehicle traffic congestion to other routes in Bristol causing greater pollution.

This also appears to be greater in the morning travelling into Bristol and now the Bridge has been opened one way, which does not help to ease the morning traffic.

The other routes in the morning into Bristol had seemed to have eased slightly recently until the new bus lane being put in place on Redcliff Hill has reduced the traffic from two to one lane, plus the works being carried out around temple gate and the new layout of the centre.

It is necessary to install new bus, cycle and pedestrian routes but on the other hand, measures need to be put in place to ease congestion of traffic elsewhere as a lot of people need vehicles for work, not just to get to work.

Reopening Princes Bridge both ways would be a step in the right direction to alleviate the issues to vehicles caused by new routes for bus's, cycles and pedestrians elsewhere.

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