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Petition: Bristol Needs Libraries

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Lead petitioner Jill Kempshall
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 7 Jul 17
Closing date Tue, 31 Oct 17
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We call on the Mayor, Cabinet and Council to reconsider current plans for the library service and to extend the consultation which is now underway, in both time and scope. The current, limited, consultation is not fit for purpose. All of the options it offers would result in the withdrawal of funding from 17 libraries, causing irreversible damage to a vital service. We urge the Council to reconsider the level of savings required from this service and to seek additional resources to make such drastic cuts unnecessary.

Background information

Libraries have the ability to support the transformation of individuals, communities and society as a whole. The range of outcomes they help to achieve is substantial and varied, and the Government is therefore committed to ensuring that there remains a strong library service.’ (Department of Culture, Media and Sport). Bristol is presenting a plan to close 17 out of its 27 libraries and to reduce stock development and promotion, reader engagement and children’s work. This would leave a severely reduced service, out of the reach of many. An accessible network of libraries is vital for the range of community services which are currently provided and which could continue to be developed. Many communities are offered no choice at all – 13 libraries would be closed and seven kept open under all options presented – and no choice is being offered on opening hours. The consultation is taking place over the summer period, which is likely to limit overall participation and which excludes students who are important users of the service. The format of this consultation fails to enable the public to express their views about the nature, location and funding of the library service for the future.

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