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Petition: Bristol Walking Alliance petition to ban parking on Bristol's pavements

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Lead petitioner Ben Barker
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 16 Jun 17
Closing date Fri, 1 Jun 18
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  • Selina Postgate
  • Andy Gordon
  • Martin Seagrave
  • Jon Nommeots-Nomm
  • Andrew Sherrott
  • Henry Bowden
  • Mary Wakefield
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  • Caroline sherrott
  • Michael Broggio
Signature information

We call on the Mayor to ban parking on pavements in Bristol.

In particular, we ask the Mayor, councillors, officers, partner agencies and Bristol's four MPs to:

1. Raise public awareness about the negative impacts of pavement parking for all residents, but especially people with sensory or mobility impairments, children, parents and carers, frail and elderly people and other pedestrians who are either forced to walk in the road or are unable to access their destination;
2. Support proactively the Local Government Association's initiative to make pavement parking a clear offence;
3. Until such legislation is in place, use existing new Traffic Regulation Orders to end the damage to pavements, to social inclusion and to public health caused by parking on Bristol's pavements.

This will give residents of Bristol the same benefits as those living in London where legislation already bans pavement parking.

Background information

Bristol Walking Alliance includes over 20 organisations. Several of these represent people with disabilities. Others are neighbourhood or parent groups. These are among those most disadvantaged by pavements that are little better than obstacle courses. It is not uncommon for people in wheelchairs or with poor eyesight to find it difficult to reach shops, friends and other destinations. Often, uncertain about whether or not their route will be blocked, such people stay within their home with a danger of becoming socially isolated. Of course, pavements are designed to take human weights, not lorries or cars. Damaged pavements become trip hazards for us all and need more frequent repair at public expense. Legislation equivalent to that in London will assume that pavement parking is banned, but it may still be allowed in special circumstances with approval of the local authority.

Useful further information may be found at and

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