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Petition: Save Wick Road Library 2017

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609 signatures 609 online signatures
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Lead petitioner Valerie Cobbin
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 15 Jun 17
Closing date Thu, 30 Nov 17
Last signatories
  • Faye Page
  • Emily Parker
  • Clifton George Laing
  • Tamsen Armstrong
  • Holly Rosemary Spencer
  • Georgia Edmonds
  • Laura Harnell
  • Nick Frost
  • DeAnne Frost
  • Rachel Upton
Signature information

We ask the Mayor and councillors to reconsider and overturn the closure of Wick Road Library, outlined in the options within the Neighbourhood Consultation document published on 13 June 2017.

Background information

Wick Road Library is a well loved and essential community asset for the Greater Brislington area.
All future options outlined in the Neighbourhood Consultation document (published on 13 June 2017) do not include Wick Road in plans for the future library provision in Bristol.
We believe that the consultation options sends a message that the Mayor and Council do not seek to engage with the Greater Brislington community (and others) to help identify solutions to secure the future of Wick Road Library.

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