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Petition: Save Bristol's Libraries

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Lead petitioner Cllr Tim Kent
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Wed, 14 Jun 17
Closing date Fri, 1 Sep 17
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We call on Mayor Rees and his Cabinet to abandon plans to cease all funding to 17 of Bristol's libraries. The proposals do not give a realistic chance for the community to present alternative options or take over these libraries. They will simply result in a mass closure. We ask the Mayor to review the total amount of savings being sought from the libraries budget and to make alternative proposals that do not require closing most of Bristol's libraries.

Background information

Bristol's libraries porivde a universal service to all residents across Bristol. Over the past 8 years the library service has reduced costs by 40% - during this time it has opened new libraries and only lost one library.
The proposals by Mayor Marvin Rees require the library service to find an additional £1.4m in savings - around one third of their existing budget. The Council is now consulting on three options but all of these involve withdrawing funding from 17 of the current 27 libraries. With no funding, support or stock these libraries will be closed as it is highly unlikely that communities would even have the chance to take over these services.

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