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Petition: Re-open the Rent Offices in Hartcliffe, Southmead, Ridingleaze & Fishponds.

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Lead petitioner Matthew Carey
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sat, 10 Jun 17
Closing date Tue, 31 Oct 17
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  • lauren tobia
  • Gillian Barlow
  • Rachel Redwood
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  • Nelly kasereka
  • Patricia Revill
  • Maureen Edith Wright
Signature information

We the undersigned call on Bristol City Council to re-open the four recently closed Rent Offices (or 'Citizen Service Points') at Hartcliffe, Southmead, Ridingleaze & Fishponds. This relatively small saving in the council's revenue budget has had a huge and disproportionate effect on local people who are faced now with unnecessary and unaffordable travel, internet & phone costs to access essential services. These closures were not announced properly and the only consultation about them was as part of the budget process. The mayor & council must restore these essential services now to the thousands of people who rely on them.

Background information

Despite campaigns across the city, and particularly in Hartcliffe where campaigners have already collected 1422 signatures on a petition, these closures were pushed through suddenly... this was also despite the opposition of Bristol South MP Karin Smyth and local councillors Helen Holland & Mark Brain.

With weak & wobbly Theresa May barely clinging to power, the age of austerity is over. Now is the time for local authorities to stand together with the unions & local people to demand fair funding from the government.

Closing the four Rent Offices has saved less than £250,000pa but the effect on the local communities previously served by them has been devastating. Whatever happens with politics nationally, we call on the mayor & council to do the right thing and re-open these facilities.



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