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Petition: Re-open Ashley Hill Train Station

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Lead petitioner Ben Claridge
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Tue, 9 May 17
Closing date Thu, 9 Nov 17
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  • Steve Wakley
  • Val Jenkins
  • Geoffrey Williams
  • Sharon Rose
  • Lucy Isaacs
  • Jonathan Parsons
  • Nigel Bury
  • Virginia Baber
  • Stephen Norman
  • John Bishop
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This petition is a request to have the old Train Station at Ashley Hill in St Andrews reopened.

Background information

The City of Bristol is affected by severe congestion despite having existing rail infrastructure. The intra-city rail system has a lot of potential and could become a vital asset to the City of Bristol if a few issues were addressed. One of the easiest to remedy would be to give the urban areas of Horfield, St Andrews and Lockleaze the ability to walk to a train station. Currently there is a huge area that is bisected by the line between Stapleton Road and Filton Abbey Wood. Despite living near a train track, none of the residents around Ashley Hill live within walking distance of a train station. Yeah reopening Ashley Hill train station we could address some of the traffic issues in the area.

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